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Amartya - My RODE Reel 2014
Gairik Sarkar
Amartya is a mathematician obsessed with understanding the universe . One day he does.
Behind the scenes...
We came across My Rode Reel 2014 in early May and decided to show our love for the Rode mics we've been using for past few years through a short film titled "Amartya". Working with a limited budget and very little time we got together our crew and lined up a cast of friends who have never faced a camera before but who would make the film seem real and believable. Shot in 2 days and edited in another 4 days we finally finished the film on the 30th! We used a Canon 5D Mark II with Magic Lantern shooting RAW because the DoP wanted to be able to look into the shadows and also have a softer overall image. For location sound we used The Rode NTG2 recording into a Zoom H4N and Sennheiser G2 lapels for the interviews. The Rode Videomic was used to record the reference track and the NT1-A for foley and music. The film was edited in Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 and graded and delivered via Davinci Resolve 10 . The DNG images were mostly graded using Filmconvert Pro 2. The VFX was done through After Effects CS6. The audio layers were mixed in Adobe Audition. At the end of it all, it feels very rejuvenating to leave behind the daily grind of corporate films and commercials and make something just for ourselves. We can't leave earth and head for he moon just yet but we can definitely hit the nearest pub! From the entire team of Amartya: Have fun watching!

Using this RØDE gear:

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